Harold Williams

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Sponsoring Church:
Faith Missionary Baptist Church
Concord, CA
Pastor: Larry Wooley

Harold Williams was a pastor for six years before accepting the position of Dean of Florida Baptist Institute and Seminary and, concurrently, was Instructor of Missions for fifteen years. He has assisted churches across the USA and overseas in over 300 Mission Conferences, and teaching the basic Biblical principles of Faith Promise. A Missionary at Large, he ministers around the world, as opportunity is presented. His worldwide ministry includes consultation with missionaries, conducting training seminars, Bible conferences, Missions conferences, and generally sharing encouragement and insight with missionaries and pastors around the world. He continues to oversee the Florida office of Macedonian located in Polk City, Florida and administers the Macedonian Call radio broadcast which is aired over Trans World Radio in many parts of the world. Brother Williams is available for presentation of the overall ministry of Macedonian Missionary Service, and in particular, “The Macedonian Call” radio broadcast, and to conduct Faith Promise missions conferences.