Leon Jasper

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Sponsoring Church:
Whetstone Baptist Church
Somerset, KY
Pastor: Daniel Woodcock

Email: leon@macedonianms.org

Leon Jasper is a native Kentuckian. He was a businessman prior to becoming full time in the Macedonian Ministries. Bro. Jasper moved from Somerset to Lakeland, Florida in 1971 in order to attend Florida Baptist Schools, where he received a Graduate of Theology in English Bible Diploma, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1976. He later received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Louisiana Baptist University. He returned to Kentucky in 1986 and opened the Kentucky office of Macedonian. Leon accompanies the Medical teams on almost every mission trip they make. He speaks at many churches, Faith Promise Mission Conferences, banquets, and does the other things that are so vital to mission work. He is also involved in the travel and logistics of the Macedonian Medical Teams and their projects. Bro. Jasper would be glad to come and present the work at your church.

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