Basic Bible Course

Now you can take the Basic Bible Course online! Just follow the instructions below. The course is Bible centered so in just minutes you can be studying God's word and learning for yourself. It is also enjoyable to take the course in a group or class to learn together. Why not invite some of your friends or neighbors to study with you. Either way, the important thing is to know and understand more of God's Word. If you enjoy it and have learned something when you are finished, please tell someone else about the Basic Bible Course.

Click on the button below and print the four page Test Booklet. You will need this booklet to complete all 13 lessons.

Click on Lesson 1 below and print it. When you have finished working Lesson 1, do the test. Continue on through all the lessons.

When you have completed all the lessons and the Test Booklet,

You can email the Test Booklet to ..

Click the link to use the KJV Bible