MacTech gives anyone skilled in such areas of technology as graphic design, web design, smartphone app development, etc., the opportunity to use their unique talent for the Lord. This is a great opportunity for young adults to get involved in an incredible new work. The MacTech ministry was born of a desire to provide missionaries with websites to aid them in communicating with churches about their work, and to raise support online. MacTech is here to help churches with a website as well. This generation does not look to the yellow pages to find information. Neither do they use an atlas to get directions. Most don’t even have check books! They get all of their information and do all of their banking on their smartphones, which is why an online presence with a platform for accepting electronic donations is important to connect with today’s population. MacTech has a lot of room for growth as new ideas are born, such as the development of smartphone apps to aid in foreign evangelism, etc.

Financial Needs


Funds for the ministry to acquire and support technology to aid missionaries and churches in furthering their reach, as well as funds for travel expenses to visit missionaries in the field.

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Helps to provide and support technology for missionaries and churches to aid them in furthering their ministry and advancing the gospel.