Radio Broadcast / Correspondence Course

Project Leaders: Harold Williams and Hugo Mallozzi, MD.

The Macedonian Call Radio Broadcast has been on the air since 1984. Harold Williams is the voice of the radio broadcast, and since 1987 has been one of Trans World Radio’s most popular broadcasters. The radio broadcast is now beamed around the world from transmitters in Guam in the Pacific and Radio Tirana in Albania and Kenya, East Africa. English manuscripts are now being translated into Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Burmese, and Swahili. Now airing on a 450,000 watt tower, the broadcast gives us the opportunity to reach over 60% of the world population, and with the TWR360 app, essentially we can reach the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (TWR360 is an app that can be downloaded on your mobile device to receive the Macedonian Call broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

A further follow-up ministry to the radio broadcast is the Basic Bible Course done by Macedonian Correspondence School. This course is used in many other ministries including the Olympic Bible Project and various prison ministries across the United States. The correspondence School has some 700 students in it at any given time. It has now been translated into more than twelve languages and is being used around the world. Download the course material here.

Give_ButtonYour support helps: Buy radio air time. The air time for each broadcast costs approximately $100 and reaches millions worldwide.

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Special Projects

Project Leader: Leon Jasper

Through our radio broadcast and correspondence ministries along with our special projects, Macedonian has shared the good news all around the world. With correspondence requests of song books in Vanuatu, Olympics in Atlanta, GA – Calgary, Canada – Sydney, Australia – Salt Lake City, Utah and Torino, Italy in 2006, medical request in El Salvador, broadcast in Kenya, and more we have completed a total of 10,264 requests. Our special projects have included evangelism, medical training, mission training seminars, van delivery, faith promise training, teaching teams, van donation projects, container shipment, survey trips, children’s medical needs, fund-raisers, and more.


Your gift helps: Allow us to be prepared to meet any need the missionary may encounter. This ranges from buying a simple saw battery or shop vacuum motor to helping purchase and deliver saw mills and vehicles.

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MacMed – Medical Ministry

Project Leader: Hugo Mallozzi, MD.

Macedonian’s Medical Teams have reached people in need all over the U.S. and countries around the world. Macedonian gives doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals the opportunity to use their talents and love for the Lord throughout the mission field. Since 1984, our medical teams have had a total of 1,477 team members, tended to 78,815 patients, made 113,084 visits, had 3,427 professions of faith, 248,751 prescriptions filled, 8,311 teeth extracted, and 114,200 man hours were performed.

Give_ButtonMedicine Fund:
Your gift helps: Buy medicines used in each medical campaign. Three medical campaigns are performed each year and require an average of $8,000 worth of medicines per project.

Give_ButtonMedical Fund:
Your gift helps: Purchase medical equipment and supplies.

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Project Leaders: Brant Lane, Paul Lamb

From 1980, Macedonian’s Building Projects have occurred in 26 out of the 50 states across the U.S., in addition to 12 countries around the world which include Peru, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Belize, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Romania, and Australia. Macedonian builders help missionaries and churches construct sanctuaries, fellowship halls and multipurpose buildings along with working with them on master-planning, site development, plan design, value engineering, and material supply.

Give_ButtonYour gift helps: Purchase tools for trailers, expenses to move trailers, maintenance on trailers/trucks, shipping of tools for foreign builds, etc. Donation of tools and supplies (i.e., gloves and eye protection, tools used in construction, or brooms and dust pans) are another way to support this ministry.

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MacTrips – VBS/Church Camp

Project Leaders: Gary Weidenbach, Michael Ryan

Through Macedonian’s Mac-Trips, young adults have the opportunity to participate in missions through spiritual training and temporary placement with missionaries in the field. The teams spend time helping the local missionary in many ways. Since 1996 our S.T.E.A.M teams and Mac-Trips have continued that missionary work. Through VBS outreaches, youth camps, teaching/training, evangelism, faith promise seminars, and more, our young adults have reached out and shared God’s endless love with those in need. All around the U.S. and select countries a total of 953 workers have volunteered, 756 made professions of faith, 2,107 Bibles were given, 376 days were worked, and a total of 24,700 man hours were performed.

Give_ButtonYour gift helps: Provide supplies for VBS materials, tracts, literature and equipment for camps. Donations of Bibles and craft supplies (i.e., construction paper, pencils, crayons, etc.) are another way to support this ministry.

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Project Leader: Ricki Boyle, Terry Molden

The Mechanic Projects completed within our missionary work have become possible because of our diverse group of automotive mechanics, as well as helpers with no automotive background. This ministry offers an assortment of skills in the automotive repair industry, both cross the United States and on the mission fields worldwide. Macedonian has a state-of-the-art shop in Acworth, GA with tools, lifts, and various other equipment. With Macedonian being a 501(c)(3) organization we are able to receive gifts such as vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers, etc. Many have taken advantage of this in an effort to help our missionaries. With a total of 63 workers and 40,624 man hours worked, some of our projects have included traveling to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Brazil along with major engine work, replacing fuel tanks, fuel filters, braking systems and other serving works. Other works include repairs on interstate missionary vehicles, over 100 hours a month working on missionary and church vehicles in shop, and average of about two or three calls per week from missionaries all over the country who need guidance in auto repairs.

Give_ButtonYour gift helps: Purchase shop equipment and supplies, software for vehicles, and pays for truck and trailer supplies and expenses.

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MacTech Technology Ministry

Project Leader: Brandon Jones, Travis Robinson

MacTech gives anyone skilled in such areas of technology as graphic design, web design, smartphone app development, etc., the opportunity to use their unique talent for the Lord. This is a great opportunity for young adults to get involved in an incredible new work. The MacTech ministry was born of a desire to provide missionaries with websites to aid them in communicating with churches about their work, and to raise support online. MacTech is here to help churches with a website as well. This generation does not look to the yellow pages to find information. Neither do they use an atlas to get directions. Most don’t even have check books! They get all of their information and do all of their banking on their smartphones, which is why an online presence with a platform for accepting electronic donations is important to connect with today’s population. MacTech has a lot of room for growth as new ideas are born, such as the development of smartphone apps to aid in foreign evangelism, etc.

Give_ButtonYour gift helps: Provide and support technology for missionaries and churches to aid them in furthering their ministry and advancing the gospel.

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Church Planting

A further follow-up to the broadcast is the ministry of church planting. New fields have been opened and new men have gone to the field as a direct result of this ministry. Fields now being considered for future work include Cuba, Haiti, Ukraine, Poland, China, New Guinea, Belarus, Pakistan, Panama, and Afghanistan.


Macedonian has been involved in publishing and printing Bibles and tracts from day one. Millions of tracts have been delivered to the field in many different languages. Macedonian cooperates with others in the Bible printing ministry and has developed an in-house publishing ministry for printing needs other than Bibles.