Paul T. Lamb was born in Akron, Ohio in 1959, married his sweetheart, Greta, in 1984, and was saved and baptized in the Spring of 2003 at Hillcrest Baptist Church, under the leadership of the late Pastor Paul Vance. Later that same year, he went on his first building project in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi. In October of 2009, after working in the construction industry for more than 35 years, he accepted God’s call into the building ministry full time as a Construction Planner and Coordinator with Macedonian Missionary Service. Through Macedonian and his sponsoring churches, he has been blessed to serve on projects throughout the United States, from Maine to Florida to California, and in Mexico, Belize and Peru.

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Sponsoring Church:

Hilcrest Baptist Church
Acworth, GA
Pastor: Mike Maxwell


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