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Mante City, Mexico Building Materials

Macedonian Missionary Service Builders has accepted the Macedonian Call to “come over and help” in Mante City Mexico, which is in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Pastor Raymundo Robles Cobos started a work in Mante City, on October 5, 2014. He is sponsored by Iglesia Bautista Bethania of San Fernando Mexico.

They have been faithful to preach the gospel not only in Mante City, but have established three other mission points in the surrounding areas. God has blessed the mission as they have baptized 42 new believers. The mission has recently purchased property that is 69x90ft in size. They have stepped out by faith and are paying for the property themselves. They have asked the builders if we could come and help them construct a sanctuary for church services. The structure will be block with a metal roof and approximately 30x60ft in size.

The mission needs to raise $10,000.00 for the materials and we have offered to put out the word to our churches here as well. Many cannot physically go to the mission field for various reasons, but supporting a work is also having a part in it as well. Going or giving are both great opportunities!

If you would like to give, you can give online or send funds to the Macedonian office, earmarked “2018 Mexico Building Materials.”


At Macedonian Missionary Service, our hearts go out to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Although there are many places that you can donate to the relief efforts, as an ECFA Accredited ministry, we wanted to offer you a place to give where you can rest assured that the money given will go to the relief effort. ECFA stands for Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, which means Macedonian Missionary Service is held to the highest standards when it comes to finances. If you would like to donate to hurricane victims through a Trusted ECFA Ministry, donate here.

Travel Schedule

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One way to get involved in the ministry of Macedonian Missionary Service is by working with one of our many teams to do short-term mission work. Macedonian Missionary Service is very thankful for all of the team members and supporters that have given their time, talent, and treasure to help our missionaries across the globe. What an opportunity to serve the Lord!

If you are interested in getting involved with any of our teams: Building, Medical, MacTrips, or Delivery Teams, PLEASE CLICK THE “GET INVOLVED” BUTTON TO THE RIGHT. Print the application and return it with the necessary documentation to: Macedonian Missionary Service, PO Box 756 Somerset, KY 42502.

February 2018
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September 2018
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The Macedonian Call Radio Broadcast is now available online through twr360.org

We are excited to announce that the Macedonian Call radio broadcasts hosted by Harold Williams, covering the Book of Romans in over 300 broadcasts, is now available for online streaming through twr360.org. This is an excellent walk through the Book of Romans. The Macedonian Call radio broadcast has long been one of TransWorld Radio’s most popular broadcasts. Now that the English versions of these broadcasts have been made available online, we will soon make available the translated broadcasts in other languages. There are also plans to add the series on the Book of John.

$20/20 Campaign

LIMITED TIME OFFER: SIGN UP FOR THE 20/20 CAMPAIGN AND RECEIVE A FREE MACEDONIAN T-SHIRT. The Ministry Fund makes the wheels go ’round for the ministry of Macedonian. It pays for computers, the salaries of five office staff workers, office supplies, website, commercial printers, and many other indirect costs. If 350 churches or individuals would consider giving a gift of $20 per month to the Ministry Fund through the year 2020, then the budget can be met for the next four years. Learn more or Give now.

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