We are able to minister because of the donations of many individuals across the country, and this ministry is totally dependent upon contributions from churches and supporters like you. Macedonian is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated. Some of the funds that you may choose support are listed below.

By default your online donation will be a one-time gift. You may also choose to schedule a recurring donation to occur Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually. You will receive a receipt via email after each transaction for your records. You can update or cancel a recurring donation at any time, either directly from your receipt or by clicking here.

If you prefer to donate in the form of a check, make checks payable to Macedonian Missionary Service and mail to either of the following addresses: PO BOX 756 Somerset, KY 42502  Be sure to notate on the check the fund you wish to support.

Featured Funds

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$20/20 Campaign

The Ministry Fund’s shortfall right now is $7,000 per month. If 350 churches or individuals would consider giving a gift of $20 per month to the Ministry Fund from 2020 to 2029, then the budget can be met for nine years.

Texas Shop
Mt. Pleasant, Texas
We are raising funds for the addition of a MMS Mechanics Shop & Offices in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.


Evening Shade Park Mission Home

Your gift helps build a 1400 sq ft house and basement studio to house missionaries that are traveling through as well as those who may need a home base while doing deputation work. The mission home was built for a total cost of $90,000. 

Delta Regional Unit – Prison Project

The Board of Corrections recently approved Delta Regional Chaplaincy Services to begin the process for a Chapel on the premises. Due to the separation of Church and State, the funds for this project must be raised from outside sources prior to building. Once the building is complete, it will be “donated” to the Arkansas Department of Corrections and then become state property. Macedonian Missionary Service has agreed to hold the funds and build the Chapel. Since Macedonian Missionary Service is a 501-C-3, we may begin fundraising immediately. The inmates have already made donations, and we are praying you will assist us in building a prison Chapel that will honor and glorify our Lord.


Ministry Funds

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Ministry Fund

The Ministry Fund makes the wheels go ’round for the ministry of Macedonian. It pays for computers, the salaries of five office staff workers, office supplies, website, commercial printers, and many other indirect costs.


Special Project Fund

Your gift helps: Allow us to be prepared to meet any need the missionary may encounter. This ranges from buying a simple saw battery or shop vacuum motor to helping purchase and deliver saw mills and vehicles.


Builders Fund

Your gift helps: Purchase tools for trailers, expenses to move trailers, maintenance on trailers/trucks, shipping of tools for foreign builds, etc. Donation of tools and supplies (i.e., gloves and eye protection, tools used in construction, or brooms and dust pans) are another way to support this ministry.


MacMed Medicine Fund

Your gift helps: Buy medicines used in each medical campaign. Three medical campaigns are performed each year and require an average of $8,000 worth of medicines per project.


MacMed Medical Fund

Your gift helps: Purchase medical equipment and supplies other than medicine (i.e.., beds bandages, etc.)


Abigail Eye Fund

Your gift helps children in other countries receive surgical help that is life changing for them.


MacTech Technology Fund

Your gift helps provide and support technology for missionaries and churches to aid them in furthering their ministry and advancing the gospel.


Mechanics Fund

Your gift helps purchase shop equipment and supplies, software for vehicles, and pays for truck and trailer supplies and expenses.


MacTrips – VBS/Church Camp Fund

Your gift helps provide supplies for VBS materials, tracts, literature and equipment for camps. Donations of Bibles and craft supplies (i.e., construction paper, pencils, crayons, etc.) are another way to support this ministry.

Radio Broadcast Fund

Your gift helps purchase airtime for a radio broadcast that has been on the air since 1984. “The Macedonian Call” is beamed into countries across the globe reaching over 80% of the world’s population.


Correspondence Course Fund

Your gift helps send the Basic Bible Course and other publications of Macedonian Missionary Service, free of charge, to anyone interested in receiving them.


Bibles, Tracts and Literature Fund

This fund is set up for the Olympic Bible projects that take place during the Summer and Winter Olympics, as well as for anyone who is interested in receiving a Bible, Tract or Biblical Literature.

The Macedonian Call Magazine Fund

Your gift helps send the Macedonian Call Magazine, free of charge, to anyone who is interested in receiving it. Currently over 8,500 subscribers are receiving this publication.


Travel Accounts

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