The Macedonian Call Radio Broadcast has been on the air since 1984. Harold Williams is the voice of the radio broadcast and since 1987, has been one of Trans World Radio’s most popular broadcasters. The radio broadcast is now beamed around the world from transmitters in Guam in the Pacific and Radio Tirana in Albania and Kenya, East Africa. English manuscripts are now being translated into Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Burmese, and Swahili. Now airing on a 450,000 watt tower, the broadcast gives us the opportunity to reach over 60% of the world population, and with the TWR360 app, essentially we can reach the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (TWR360 is an app that can be downloaded on your mobile device to receive the Macedonian Call broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.) Several thousand letters of response have been received from listeners on five continents.

A further follow-up ministry to the radio broadcast is the Basic Bible Course done by Macedonian Correspondence School. This course is used in many other ministries including the Olympic Bible Project and various prison ministries across the United States. The correspondence School has some 700 students in it at any given time. It has now been translated into more than twelve languages and is being used around the world.

Harold Williams was a pastor for six years before accepting the position of Dean of Florida Baptist Institute and Seminary and, concurrently, was Instructor of Missions for fifteen years. He has assisted churches across the USA and overseas in over 300 Mission Conferences, and teaching the basic Biblical principles of Faith Promise. A Missionary at Large, he ministers around the world, as opportunity is presented. His worldwide ministry includes consultation with missionaries, conducting training seminars, Bible conferences, Missions conferences, and generally sharing encouragement and insight with missionaries and pastors around the world. He continues to oversee the Florida office of Macedonian located in Polk City, Florida and administers the Macedonian Call radio broadcast which is aired over Trans World Radio in many parts of the world. Brother Williams is available for presentation of the overall ministry of Macedonian Missionary Service, and in particular, “The Macedonian Call” radio broadcast, and to conduct Faith Promise missions conferences.

Sponsoring Church:
Pine Hill Baptist Church

Somerset, KY
Pastor: Don Branscum

Dr. Hugo Mallozzi accepted the Lord as his Saviorin 1975 while living in his hometown of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He attended Florida Baptist School in Lakeland, Florida, from 1986 to 1989 and finished his medical training in 1992. Dr. Mallozzi has been the Medical Director of MacMed since 1985, when the first medical campaign was conducted in the country of Perú, South America. Dr. Mallozzi is open to presenting the MacMed Ministry in interested churches. In addition to his work with MacMed, Dr. Mallozzi is also involved in the Spanish Radio Ministry.

Financial Needs

Donations for the purchase of radio air time: The air time for each broadcast costs approximately $100 and reaches millions worldwide.